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Dec 2, 2013 8:00pm PST
conyers amendment to the national defense authorization act that would strip funding from the usa's all collection programs. the amendment was narrowly defeated. now months later and several new explosive weeks later lawmakers in the senate are eager to try again with their own dna. they believe that if the vote were held today they would pass their two however leadership is pushing back as the chairman of the armed services committee carl levin doesn't want any of the reforms included in this year's and the head this fray over the nsa along with other issues related to sanctions on iran might prevent congress from even passing in the nba for the first time in fifty one years. again no and da day for the first time in fifty one years. so that is what's going on in congress and that's also what has the top defenders of the nsa so concerned. kevin rogers and kevin finds their rank and file members willing to wreak havoc on the legislative schedule just to make sure they get a vote on an essay report. the wild card here would be the american people and what they want. however they did more
Dec 4, 2013 5:00pm PST
't get the defense minister to sign with anyone as soon as it gets signed quickly and to see you in our current side meanwhile he knows that he needs this money of course i wanted done and his own terms. yes i really wanna find a deal until after the april elections. he also wants the us to promise to continue to stop doing certain things for example controversial nitrates. he's also now asking for afghan detainee at guantanamo bay to first be released before that deal is signed so certainly a lot of politics being played here the fate of a pianist and in the balance as a result. she kept no magic bullet to the light into the full moon is coming weekend and i went off to the bright though neo internationally and bought a soul searching journey to once more. i'm very interested me tell you what she is sitting there britain it's a little going on that line too. sometimes i just i i i i. i am. we often see the middle east is a place of the term of revolution people call it seemed to be very fired up as well. masses of protesters to force a government ministries to shut down by storming the
Dec 8, 2013 8:00pm PST
comes from facades gifts ever wondered how twenty lakhs got one over on the united states defense and state departments had our tea dot com get the story from the man behind with the leeks gillian summers has just marked his third year next door and tennessee in london class. a record level of radiation. recorded at the fish in a nuclear plant in japan. experts say that such a level could kill a human in twenty minutes the full story on monday the was an official day of prayer and reflection in south africa in memory of former president nelson mandela who died on thursday tens of thousands of people including sixty world leaders are expected to attend his funeral in just a week from now. the slayer follows mandela's course. angry on gravel to a global icon at the equality and compassion he's the man who did a couple of the divine gift and that from the brink of civil war the man who often tree tea sipping coffee as the green prawns with feet from prison in his heart was an open theme. well i think that his greatest legacy to this country is reconciliation. in the last three decade
Dec 3, 2013 5:00pm PST
defense in the country that the insolvent most domestic estate buying crap to reconnect to the collapse of the big three. unsalted protests on the streets have referendum on whether or not paid by the uk and in evidence license president at that pace down to which its citizens felt while on south ice and fell to eight quart of the population not quite the beating death to ease the people's pain. grandpa tasty bank he does and says that would kill people for causing the financial crash in the fast pace not many resting place before that my clients. thus the self control mclean my friends at the mother country that when i grow up get into but not great but have dealt with consultancy in completely different ways. grease a combined with the assistance of the eu on the imax and taste again spending cuts to deal with that. commenting on the as the recovery in sight that no will it be for quite some time. greece india protests here but if i need to stick to brussels. i am faced with a start date. my sin cannot be directly compared. this of course of the confines of the comments and into the p
Dec 5, 2013 5:00pm PST
of the seats the kind of good and that the heart of yemen's so security and the defense ministry. i think the biggest target date they just wanted to target anyone at the base made a call this bath soldiers hijacking to meet a man altogether the airline security in which ocean bridge he's in full the uk tend to terrorism intelligence officer for his still some groups of this moment. it does seem to have a . all the time i q ap al qaeda in european commission to someday have studied the permit to carry out such while courting ninety six the town and very successful attacks from that perspective but also of course have a continuing our own gary motivation. largely at the behest of the us issued the threat of work are going to be scarce. in. new road to the yemeni government has cut outs from rapid city in conventional terms of the successful campaign the offensive against al qaeda al qaeda is to claim the funds to the province's if yemen. the response to golf course is quite predictable when i am al qaeda. of course or if your keys in the story if you like the commitment of forces whereas
Dec 7, 2013 5:00pm PST
. some of them. or are very defensive. we were just what to do so they were taking someone's force. this is. he said. firstly and some of them are or are these techniques to look in mind that made it. its components i sing with. it's simple ite is represented by what you and i know what the western world knows as the us. we changed into his call. the tide cheeks. that's the philosophy. the art. i teach more beans. traci. it's a thai boxing. we have. g the new york we had pt on fox so it's basically a martial art based on. a philosophy this dichotomy this nature overall the ruler who will i know that i am. the new wing will or will. i knew the land or welcome to the journal coming to life and dig out the winter wet and sarah harman and these are our top stories this hour should this continue for nelson mandela preparation to get underway. memorial service and funeral. after twelve years of negotiations the world trade organization held its first global trade agreement. and if so was not in berlin where the european film
Dec 7, 2013 8:00pm PST
some time. their defense identification zone with some reaction time and some will examine the implications for security. i know one thing that has its basis and is in preserving land with an ulc
Dec 9, 2013 10:30am PST
defense sick of the place is focused on trying to get peeve is that this lane opens to the final step is the eye the aa. you like and guidance with them includes can enjoy the sun and the end. many years ago. means these people are suffering the consequences. you will much more points in mind some of this crime. behind this. there is all we call the bank on which there is a deposit open to new left by six ut test which caused suspicion of breaking new clients. despite previous cleaning efforts. there remains the holes of golf a little less than two kilos up to tony and stock in the rock and coral reefs. about ten meters down. he attached a never ending legacy. all melty the new. the room the watching our team comes with it happy with its welcome back. as one of us quakes have paid taxes and testimonies and watch conference to the front is a say aspects of the station is at the forefront of the shale gas for vacation and although funds that generation byzantine says. this is on c's can actually count found out why wouldn't i commute is quiet and crumble the support of politicians for t
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8